It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting a business or if you have an established customer base, the fact of the matter is that you’ve worked hard to get where you are. The services you provide are the heartbeat of all that work, but what about those extra things your customers need or want that you haven’t been able to offer? The answer is resale.   

Focusing on Business

Your business is your brand, there’s no reason to bring in someone else’s work, right? Wrong. Reselling is the perfect method for adding services your customers want, but you don’t currently offer. It allows you to market those added services as your own brand, building on the trust your customers have in your quality, standards, and especially your name.

When you’re focused on providing your customers the services they want and need, they’re not looking to your competitors to fill in the gaps. The concept of reselling services is not completely new, and you may even think that makes your company “the middle-man,” but the fundamental difference with reselling is that any work you purchase from us in a resale capacity allows you to sell them to your customer as if it were your work. We do the heavy lifting and you get to focus on your business.

You know upfront what these additional services will cost you, but you decide how to market and price them within your own business. Do you have clients that already have all your core services, but are looking for more? Resell our services as your own a la carte. Market both the resale services and your core services as a new client package.

Your Customers Benefit from Reselling

In this age of constantly changing technology and pop-up vendors with fly-by-night offers and not a lot of substance, customers aren’t necessarily looking for cheap when they have quality. If you asked most consumers, “What’s more important: lowest price or quality products and service,” they may answer both are equally important. However, if you ask consumers if they have a particular business they are loyal to and why, their immediate reaction is usually quality products and excellent service.

Choosing to resell products or services under your own brand name allows you to be extremely choosy about who you do business with. After all, if you’re going to put your name on the finished product you want it to meet or exceed your standards. Your customers trust you or they wouldn’t do business with you, reselling doesn’t detract from that trust, it enhances it because you save them the hassle of finding another source for those services.

Packages or A la Carte, You Determine the Margin

You do the things that make your business successful, the backbone of your business will always be the skills and experience you offer in your specialty. We offer you the opportunity to enhance your business by providing products and services for resale that continue to carry your brand name and standard of quality. Reselling is the perfect opportunity to increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, and increase brand awareness without increasing your workload.

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