Everything about your business says something about your brand and your reputation, the question you need to be asking is, “What else can I do to get my brand into the hearts and minds of new customers?” While there are many different ways that can be accomplished, we believe that reselling services, also known as “white label” services, is one path that covers more than a few ways to get that done.

It’s Your Name on the Package

The term “white label” refers to products and services that you purchase from the original seller, then resell to your customers with your brand name or label. Why would you do this? Mainly because you want the opportunity to offer services you don’t specialize in, but the kind your customers need for their own business. Your customers only see your brand name, a name they’ve built a relationship with, one they trust.

Reselling Keeps Your Marketing Plan Easy

When you choose to purchase add-on services from us in order to sell them to your customers under your own brand name; your customers buy the services from you as if they were originated by you. All marketing materials maintain your brand name for every product or service; when a potential customer sees your advertisements they see your business as one with a well-rounded selection of services. They won’t need to shop around.

Three Phase Cycle to Better Brand Recognition

When it comes to success, businesses live or die not just by how many customers think of them first, but by how many know your business exists. The following advice can be thought of as steps, but continued success means you don’t stop at step 3; you continue to repeat each step with consistent results:

  1. Get your name out there to your target market – make sure they know who you are and what your business is about. Two truths about brand recognition in the business world are that “absence does not make the heart grow fonder,” and the competition is always ready to steal your customers if you allow your business to become “out of sight, out of mind.”
  2. Provide the kind of value your customers want – when you meet their needs you’ve done alright, but when you anticipate their needs you’ve stepped up your game, and when you exceed their expectations they will look to your business the next time they have a problem to see if you can solve it for them.
  3. Provide exceptional service – there will always be a business that can offer similar services or products, but how you build a customer relationship with excellent customer service and the ability to provide them with the services they need is what will set you apart from the rest.

“White Label” Is Your Label

Reselling “white label” services under your own brand name puts your brand on everything you sell and offering your customers a full range of services gives you the opportunity to exceed their expectations at every touchpoint. Once you have your name firmly planted in their mind and they know they can count on you to offer solutions to their problems you can focus on giving every customer exceptional service.

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