When potential clients are looking at your business to see if you can provide what they need it’s easy to see how offering a few core services compared to a large array of services is going to impact their decision. They’re going to invest their time and money, and they’re going to expect you will still be able to meet their needs when they want to expand in new directions. Minimal service offerings might get you a look-see, but having the ability to offer a suite of services will go much further in converting a potential customer into an actual customer.  

From Window-Shopper to Shopper

Reselling broadens your product line, you’re no longer just the web designer or marketing consultant; you become more valuable to new prospective clients because they won’t have to search for someone else to create content.

They don’t have to worry about what to do with that really cool website because you can sell them a social media or blogging package, and the best part is that you don’t have to hire any new staff members to do so. That’s the beauty of reselling “white label” services! If your customer needs a type of service you don’t specialize in, but you’ve partnered with us to resell our products and services under your own brand they will believe it’s you providing the service.

The Art of the Upsell

Imagine you’re talking to someone about what services you offer. They’re just starting out, not yet ready to go for the brass ring and order everything you have to offer, the upsell isn’t in this transaction. The art of the upsell is convincing them to order what they need right now with the knowledge that when they’re ready for more you have what they need.

The relationship you build with your customers by working on their behalf isn’t always about the immediate sale, it’s about what goes on after the sale. The follow-through and the follow-up, which are two completely different business skills. The follow-through shows the customer that you made good on your word, that your product has given their business value. The follow-up is where your concern and attention for your customer’s success is demonstrated by your knowledge of what comes next to ensure their success continues.

Reselling Services Makes Your Business the One Everyone Else Must Compete Against

Existing customers will come to you for add-on services because they already know you. New customers will find your suite of services more attractive than a competitor that doesn’t offer as much as you do. Competitors will have to step up their game or lose their market share to your superior product offering. The reality in business is how every day is a new challenge to rise above and prove you’re the best, there is no time to rest on your laurels. When you’re free to invest your energy into excellent customer service because you’re using “white label” services as your own brand your customers only see you, leaving your competition to play catch up.

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