Theresa Edwards

Hi, I am Teresa Edwards the founder and president of Compass Content.

For over 20 years I have been providing content and marketing solutions to a broad variety of businesses.

As a marketing or design firm, you know where your priorities lie. Your team works directly with your clients to match them with the right campaign strategy, the right web design, and the right marketing direction. Your priorities are set – you work diligently for your clients to ensure their business growth.

The Five Promises of Compass Marketing

1) We Promise 100% White Hat SEO Reselling

Our methodologies use only ethical search engine optimization strategies. We only deploy SEO tactics that follow Google and Bing’s search engine rules and policies.

2) We Promise High-Quality Products

Our a la cart and packaged blog content, page content, and social media content are more than just collections of words. We tailor each piece of content to drive your marketing strategy in the direction you want it to go.

3) We Promise a Streamlined User Experience

Our website is designed with you, our client, in mind. We pride ourselves in providing you with a streamlined cart experience. Select your products, verify the purchase, and authorize a secure transaction within one, easy-to-use platform.

4) We Promise Expertise

Each member of the Compass Marketing team is an experienced SEO expert, content generation specialist, or social media expert. Your content will be produced by individuals who not only know the industry, but stay on top of it as it changes.

5) We Promise to Value You as a Client

With a streamlined purchase experience, industry experts, fair pricing, and high-quality result, we promise to prove how much we value your continued business.

Explore your Content and SEO options with Compass Marketing. For more information, contact us directly today.

Thank you for the opportunity,