With the presence of links, articles today have been infused with words that are linked and directed to a company’s website. So people read a post, click on the linked words that have been strategically placed in paragraphs, and then discover the business behind it.

In fact, article advertising has become the modern way of sending a message and, thus, promoting a trade.

Why Article Writing Is Great for Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve been involved with SEO for ages, you could be laughing at this sub-heading. But it’s not supposed to be a joke. Too many resellers have a tendency to ignore the essence of content writing to search engine optimization. So let’s take a look at the benefits.

  1. It Can Shape an Online Reputation

Content can only be considered useless and spammy if it has been badly written. Believe it or not, this really does still happen, and there are tons of baloney articles on the web. They are the kind of articles that have been written for the sake of stuffing in keywords, promotional words, and maybe even a byline.

However, when articles are written beyond the concept of promotion, using white-label SEO with the intention of helping people and aiding their problems, the content gives a company a big boost in reputation.  One of the biggest advantages of high-quality content is that people are more likely to share it with others in their networks, providing exposure and authority.

  1. Content Writing Can Convert Leads to Sales to Repeat Customers

Besides helping boost your online reputation, people who read your well-written content will be more interested in getting to know the person behind it. So they will end up clicking on those links and anchored keywords to get to your reseller website. A passing reader could become a lead, and in turn, eventually someone who approaches you to buy your services. He or she could even be converted into loyal and frequent customers.

  1. Content Creates Backlinks to Your Site

For a professional SEO reseller, having high-quality and relevant content means you don’t need to go knocking on larger sites’ doors begging to be linked to them. Chances are, it’s going to work the other way round! Other sites will want to adopt your articles and link it to their own content, making you a reference.

  1. It’s a Great Way to Seduce Both Search Engines and Online Readers

Content writing isn’t just about those human readers. We all know just how much search engines adore well-written articles that are peppered with key phrases. Also, keep in mind that Panda techniques have become the way to get noticed by Google.

  1. Content Is Your Website and Blog’s Extension Outside Your Niche

Along with your articles, the days of being completely powerless outside of your website are long gone. Your content articles serve as your messengers outside of your primary reseller website and blog, which are powerful advertisers beyond your website.

Want to Become a Reseller?

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