There are quite a few buzz-words that get tossed around regarding search engine optimization, better known as SEO. However, we only deal with the ones that describe Ethical or Organic SEO and that is often referred to as “White Hat” SEO. In many good guy vs. bad guy television shows, movies, or comic books the hero is often depicted wearing a white hat and the outlaw wears the black hat. We only use white hat SEO techniques, so you can relax knowing when you resell our services to your clients they are getting the highest quality content that follows search engine rules and policies.

The Characteristics of Ethical SEO

When you compare good and bad SEO techniques you see that both use keywords and hyperlinks, but that’s really where the similarity ends. White hat SEO focuses on the human audience and using keywords or phrases in original content to score well in the algorithms of search engines.

Keyword analysis, backlinking, and link building to improve popularity are basic to ethical SEO; by making sure all of these aspects are founded in quality we are able to guarantee results and stand by our quality.

Don’t Stuff Keywords in Your Content as If It Were a Turkey

Keywords should sound comfortable and normal within the content, their meaning should fit the context, and overuse should be avoided. Stuffing keywords can read like a manic shopping list or come across as contrived and untrustworthy, you know you’ve seen it before and probably dismissed the source immediately.

Your customers will never have to wonder if this will happen to them when you offer our services under your brand, which means you’ll never have to worry about compromising your reputation because we don’t use underhanded, outlaw SEO tricks. The “white label” services we offer for resale utilizes our years of experience to create content that is fresh and organic with the human reader in mind.  

You Don’t Have to Be a Marketing Math-lete

Marketing is more than advertisements, especially when it comes to the internet and search engines. Top search engines like Google and Bing, along with every other search engine, use mathematical algorithms to find relevant information as it crawls through the words, images, and data contained on web pages.

We know what brings pages to the top of a results page and what earns them a “penalty point” pushing them further down the list. We know this, so you don’t have to and neither does your customer. As long as you understand what SEO is, what makes white hat SEO ethical, and are comfortable explaining it to your client you don’t actually have to know how to make the magic happen, you have us to do that for you.

Saddle Up, Long-Term Content Strategies Win with White Hat SEO

There will always be someone touting the quick-fix, the instant miracle, and the overnight success; however, it’s very difficult, nearly impossible really, to regain client trust. We would never put you or your client in a situation where our services would use contrived content, stuffed keywords, or poor quality back links in anything we produce. We do guarantee our results and are proud of our quality standards, and you can rest assured that your reputation is also safe when you put your brand on our “white label” services.  

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