It’s no secret that it costs more to acquire new customers than it does to retain the ones you have, but it also becomes quite costly when your customers need specific services that you don’t happen to provide. They really only have two options, and both of them involve fulfilling those service needs with a different business than yours. On the other hand, you have the perfectly reasonable option of engaging in reselling to keep those customers from looking elsewhere.

Change the Meaning of the Revolving Door

Whether you’re a small marketing agency, a website designer, or even a web hosting service provider the harsh reality is that many times your customers need more services than you offer. Yet, it is within your grasp to change that by providing “white label” services; those services that you purchase from us and resell under your brand label to your customers.

No longer do you need to worry that you can’t provide high quality add-on services simply because that’ not your area of expertise. If your focus is marketing strategies, but you don’t offer content services the likelihood of losing a customer to a competitor that offers both is pretty high. Maybe you’re a website designer and what you create incorporates a blog page, but your customer doesn’t do blogging and neither do you, with “white label” services you can offer blogging to your customer by purchasing through us and branding them yourself.

The image of the revolving door with regard to customer loyalty and retention is usually a negative metaphor, but our goal by offering our services for resale is to change that into a positive one. We want you to stop thinking of the revolving customer door as one where the customer coming in is always a new customer, instead think of our “white label” services as the reason your customers keep coming back. Now, that revolving door no longer holds the image of customer churn rates, instead it looks like a continuous revenue portal.

One-stop Service Shopping: Convenience Affects Loyalty

How many times a day do you think purchases are made out of convenience? How many businesses do you feel loyal to? Motivation for shopping around is often driven by the lack of convenience, when most or all the services a consumer wants cannot be found in one location. We’re not saying that providing additional services is going to guarantee loyalty, but when your customers are satisfied with your products and level of customer service they’re not motivated to shop around if you have what they want and they like what you provide.

Give Them What They Want

There’s a famous line from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come,” and while we’re not selling baseball we do believe that if you give your customers the things they want to help them in their own business they will keep coming back. The truth in that quote is the unspoken idea that not only will your current customers keep coming back, but they will tell others which brings in new customers. Don’t just dream about it, reselling “white label” services actually help you build the kind of business that keeps customers coming back for more.

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