Should You Be Outsourcing Content Creation?

If you own a new business or are looking for ways to expand your company’s audience, you might be turning to inbound marketing and content creation. This newer approach to marketing is effective and necessary in today’s market. However, content creation is time consuming and you might be considering whether you should craft it yourself or hire someone else to create it for you.

Why do Businesses Create Content?

Today’s customer is driven by what companies offer them and they often search out product types, price point comparisons, and reviews on their own. Other potential customers are out there searching the web for answers to questions you can answer. When a business provides content that directly answers the customer’s question or provides a valuable tip, the customer is likely to read or watch that content and might even share it with friends. The more the content is viewed, the more exposure your website is given to new leads.

Content creation acts like an automatic magnet for attracting leads to your sales funnel.

Content can be created for consumers who would enter as brand new leads at the top of your funnel, need direction and research points in the middle of your sales funnel, or need follow-up customer service and support at the very bottom of your funnel. One article can be written to stay on your page and answer that question or provide that tutorial until you chose to get rid of it.

DIY Content Creation vs. Outsourcing

Why shouldn’t you create your own content? After all, it is your company and who knows it better?
Many business owners or marketing managers believe they should be the ones creating the content that goes on the site. This is a mistake that will appear in the value of the content and the stress they feel with the added burden.

Professionally written content is work. A lot of work.

Brainstorming new ideas to keep your angles fresh, writing accurate content that reads correctly for the audience, publishing the content – inbound marketing takes time and effort to be worth anything to your company. Remember, it’s not just about throwing content out there, inbound marketing is about providing value to your customer through online resources. This value is only found in professionally written content — and that takes time and knowledge.

It’s easy to get stuck in a box.

Yes, it might be your company (or at least where you work), but that also means you are thinking from your own perspective. A professional content creator is better able to understand your audience and think of new angles. It is important to work collaboratively with your content creator, providing ideas and allowing your content provider to come up with new ideas as well. Just because you come up with great ideas doesn’t mean you can’t use them – hand them off to the content creator and you will find yourself short one extra thing on your plate.

In the long run, outsourcing your content creation is cheaper than spending top-dollar salary for one of your in-house administrators to do it.